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At Dixon, we attribute our success to our exceptional team. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment, embracing individuals from diverse backgrounds while fostering an innovative and design-led approach with the vision to transform Dixon into an Electronics Engineering Powerhouse.

Values that guide us

Conduct our business with honesty and integrity.

Promote Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Citizenship, Trustworthiness and Fairness.

Operate our facilities in a safe, clean and healthy manner.

Act responsibly as a corporate citizen.

Numbers that matter




State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Andhra Pradesh


R&D centers in India and China

Learning @ Dixon

Dixon believes that people growth is fueled by a combination of experiential learning and focused interventions.

We recognize that continuous learning is the key to staying at the forefront of the rapidly advancing electronics industry. We embrace a culture of lifelong learning, providing our employees with the tools, resources, and opportunities to expand their knowledge and skill sets.

What sets us apart?

We empower our team members to become the best versions of themselves. We believe that a sense of ownership and purpose at work leads to better engagement and productivity. Our leadership encourages autonomy, values varied perspectives and offers equal opportunities for our team members to take the lead.
Your ideas matter and your contributions shape the trajectory of our shared success.

Building a diverse talent pool.

We believe that a healthy and happy workforce is productive.

At Dixon, we value India’s rich cultural diversity. Whether it is Navratri, Diwali, Ganapati Puja, Independence Day, Christmas, monthly birthdays, retirement parties, or founder day, every festival or event is celebrated with enthusiasm.

Moreover, we implement numerous people friendly measures. These include offering comprehensive training to our personnel to enhance their capabilities and conducting employee engagement activities to foster camaraderie among colleagues.

Campus to Corporate

Value Contribution

Our culture is built on embracing and celebrating the diverse backgrounds of our team members.

The diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences that our team brings to the table add to our forte. The increasing number of women in our workforce reflects how keen we are to foster diversity. By staying focused on our long-term success, we are nurturing a diverse and inclusive talent pool.

Leaders View on Success

Pankaj Sharma

President, Mobile

Since 2010, my journey at Dixon Technologies has been a fulfilling saga of growth and innovation. I’ve contributed my skills to the company’s success, evolving alongside a dynamic team. It’s been a rewarding experience, shaping my career in meaningful ways.

Saurabh Gupta


Orchestrating Financial Triumphs! As our Chief Financial Officer, he doesn’t just crunch numbers, he crafts growth. Under Mr. Gupta’s guidance, our financial trajectory soars, balancing growth with strategic vision. Here’s towards financial excellence and sustainable success!

Rajeev Lonial


Mastering Home Appliance Innovation! As our Business Head for Home Appliances, he leads with brilliance. Under Mr. Lonial’s stewardship, we redefine home living through cutting-edge appliances. His vision transforms houses into smart, efficient, and delightful homes.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity thrives in our team ,embracing varied perspectives, and fostering an inclusive environment. Let’s celebrate the value of diverse talents in innovation and excellence and break barriers together!

Life @ Dixon

Never a dull day at Dixon.

Make a bond

TAB “Take a break” area for employees focuses on making new friends, doing energizing activities and building long lasting relationships.

Colors of Festivity

Every shade tells a story of cultural heritage and collective revelry. Colors of Festivity is not just a visual spectacle but also a testament to the power of diversity and togetherness.

Health & Well-being

Recognizing a healthy and happy workforce contributes to overall productivity and satisfaction, the organization focuses on creating supportive environments.

Family Day Celebration

Beyond the festivities, these celebrations are an opportunity for colleagues to express gratitude to their well wisher and build stronger connections.

World Environmental Day

World Environment Day is a call to action, inspiring people to engage in activities like tree planting, waste reduction, and advocacy for eco-friendly policies.

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