Policy on Board Diversity


The Policy sets out the approach to have a diversity on the Board of DIXON TECHNOLOGIES (INDIA) LIMITED (“the Company”) in terms of thought, experience, knowledge, perspective and gender in the Board, based on the applicable laws, rules and regulations applicable to the Company. This policy is largely framed to address the importance of a diverse Board in harnessing the unique and individual skills and experiences of the members in a way that collectively benefits the organization and business as a whole.


The Company believes that a diverse Board will amongst others –

  • Enhance the quality of decisions making and ensure better business performance.
  • Encourage diversity of perspectives thereby fuel creativity and innovation.
  • Complement and expand the skills, knowledge and experience of the Board as a whole.
  • Provide better Corporate Governance.

The Company maintains that Board appointments should be based on merit that complements and expands the skills, experience and expertise of the Board as a whole taking into account knowledge, professional experience and qualifications, gender, age, cultural and educational background, and any other factors that the Board might consider relevant and applicable from time-to-time for it to function effectively

The Board shall have an optimum combination of Executive, Non- executive and Independent Directors in accordance with the requirements of Articles of Association of the Company, Companies Act, 2013 and SEBI ( Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements), 2015.


The Nomination and Remuneration Committee (‘NRC’) of the Company shall review and assess Board composition on behalf of the Board and shall recommend to the Board, the appointment of new directors based on their qualification, positive attributes and independence.

In reviewing Board composition, NRC will consider the benefits of all aspects of diversity including, but not limited to, those described above, in order to enable it to discharge its duties and responsibilities effectively.


This policy may be amended by Managing Director of the Company at any time either suo-moto and / or pursuant to amendments to the LODR Regulations or such other law, rules, regulations, standards, guidelines as applicable. If there is any amendment to the policy, this policy will be deemed to have been amended and such amendment will take effect from date of the approval of such amendment.