Experienced and Seasoned Management Team

Our Promoter and Chairman, Sunil Vachani, and Managing Director, Atul Lall, have been associated with our Company since our inception. Sunil Vachani has more than two decades of experience in the EMS industry has been awarded the ‘Man of Electronics’ by CEAMA in the past. He has held positions like chairman of the Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council of India and Co-Chair of the CII ICTE Committee, He is currently the vice president of CEAMA.

Our Managing Director, Atul B. Lall, has been employed with our Company since our inception and has more than 25 years’ experience in the EMS industry. He has served as a member of the Technical Evaluation Committee for Electronic Manufacturing Services under M-SIPS (Electronic Manufacturing Services-EMS) constituted by the DeitY and served as a representative of ELCINA on the Committee for Reliability of Electronic and Electrical Components and Equipment (LITD. 02) of the BIS.

Additionally, our senior management also possesses extensive industry and management experience which has given us a specialized understanding of the complexities involved in the electronic manufacturing services industry in India and its processes. Our business growth is also attributable to our strong management culture fostered by an entrepreneurial spirit, each product vertical being managed by experienced and hands-on vertical heads having in-depth knowledge of our industry. Our experienced management team has successfully led our operations, increased our capacity, revenues and profits since our inception and is passionate and dedicated to our business and innovation.

Our senior management team which has an average 22 years of experience, comprises of experienced professionals with extensive experience in their domains, helping us develop new products, products through in-house R&D capabilities, thereby quickly adapting to changing client requirements across varying product mix. We have a track record of establishing and growing new lines of product segments in the past, such as lighting products (since 2008), washing machines (since 2010), mobile phones (since 2016) and security surveillance systems (since 2017).

Our highly experienced and dedicated management team enables us to capture market opportunities, formulate and execute business strategies, manage client expectations as well as proactively manage changes in market conditions.