Experienced and seasoned management team

Experienced and seasoned management team

Our Promoter and Chairman, Sunil Vachani, and Managing Director, Atul Lall, have been associated with our Company since our inception. Sunil Vachani has more than two decades of experience in the EMS industry has been awarded the ‘Man of Electronics’ by CEAMA in the past. He has held positions like chairman of the Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council of India and Co-Chair of the CII ICTE Committee, He is currently the vice president of CEAMA. Our Managing Director, Atul B. Lall, has been employed with our Company since our inception and has more than 25 years’ experience in the EMS industry. He has served as a member of the Technical Evaluation Committee for Electronic Manufacturing Services under M-SIPS (Electronic Manufacturing Services-EMS) constituted by the DeitY and served as a representative of ELCINA on the Committee for Reliability of Electronic and Electrical Components and Equipment (LITD. 02) of the BIS.

Additionally, our senior management also possesses extensive industry and management experience which we believe has given us a specialized understanding of the complexities involved in the electronic manufacturing services industry in India and its processes. We believe that our business growth is attributable to our strong management culture fostered by an entrepreneurial spirit, each product vertical being managed by experienced and hands-on vertical heads having in-depth knowledge of our industry. Our ability to retain talented pool of employees is backed by issuance of ESOPs from time to time. Our experienced management team has successfully led our operations, increased our capacity, revenues and profits since our inception and is passionate and dedicated to our business and innovation.

Our senior management team which has an average 26 years of experience, comprises of experienced professionals with extensive experience in their domains, helping us develop new products, products through in-house R&D capabilities, thereby quickly adapting to changing client requirements across varying product mix. We have a track record of establishing and growing new lines of product segments in the past, such as lighting products (since 2008), washing machines (since 2010), and mobile phones (since 2016).

We believe that our highly experienced and dedicated management team enable us to capture market opportunities, formulate and execute business strategies, manage client expectations as well as proactively manage changes in market conditions.

End to end solutions provider

Since inception, we have expanded our product portfolio, customer base and gained technological expertise in designing and manufacturing of consumer durable and lighting products. We place a high emphasis on integrating our services to continue to serve as an end-to-end product solutions provider and maintain an edge over our competitors. We believe that our dedication to design, manufacturing and our service infrastructure ensure customer satisfaction, foster customer loyalty and generate repeat business. Our capabilities which enable us to provide end-to-end solutions are:

a) Research and development

Leveraging on the experience and knowledge derived from manufacturing consumer durable products, our Company has set-up an R&D centre focusing on the research and development of electronics hardware designing, system architecture, mechanical design, component engineering and optics design and provide design enhancement and verification to our customers. As at March 31, 2017, our R&D team consists of 19 employees including electrical engineers. Our R&D centre located at Noida has access to latest equipment such as photometric system for light source and colour analysers. The R&D team has the capabilities to verify and develop conceptual designs received from customers and convert such designs into deliverable products by improving the designs, recommending suitable raw materials and testing of trial products. The R&D team also aims to provide solutions to improve manufacturing efficiency on the existing products, reduce production costs and also assists our customers in designing consumer durable products by providing design and engineering support.

We have received awards, such as the ‘Development Excellence Award (semi-automatic washing machine)’ from Panasonic India Private Limited in 2016.

b) Global sourcing

With an increase in the scale of our operations over the years, we have access to and have established continuous relationships with domestic and international suppliers and gained expertise in global procurement of components which meet strict quality standards and adhere to the time schedules laid down by our customers, on competitive rates. The benefits of placing large orders with our suppliers allows us to source at competitive prices thereby improving our margins and ability to win further business.

c) Backward integration

We have gradually backward integrated our services by setting up in-house manufacturing of plastic moulding for lighting products, LED TVs and washing machines; wound components for lighting products; back light unit clean room for LED TVs; control table base, twin tub and final assemblies for washing machines. Backward integration provides us the benefit of greater control on the manufacturing process, quality and the corresponding benefits of cost efficiencies thereby improving our margins. As a result, we are able to fulfil our customers’ diverse needs in a timely manner and enhance our ability to offer cost-competitive ‘one-stop-shop’ solutions.

d) Reverse Logistics

As a step towards further enhancing our integrated services, we started the reverse logistics vertical which currently includes repair and refurbishment services for STBs, LED panels and mobile phones. These services are provided by trained team members at the Noida III Facility with support from 17 service centres spread across different states in India who are assisted by our R&D team. Our ability to design and manufacture products like LED TVs and mobile phones gives us an edge for repairs and refurbishments of the same and similar products.

Flexible and cost-effective manufacturing capabilities

We have a proven track record of serving product requirements of our customers and we continue to pursue greater efficiencies of cost, time, quality and scale in our manufacturing processes. We maintain the flexibility of our manufacturing facilities by measures such as multiple-function training and standardization of equipment. For example, our manufacturing facility at Dehradun is equipped with surface mounting technology lines which has an annual production capacity of 144,750,000 units, as on March 31, 2017. The surface mounting technology lines can be used to manufacture LED TVs, CFL and LED products thus providing us flexibility to manufacture diverse products with standardized equipment.

Due to the large scale of our operations, extensive experience in manufacturing, backward integrated manufacturing facilities, global sourcing and processes and availability of skilled and unskilled manpower at our manufacturing facilities, we are able to offer cost effective solutions to our customers while maintaining our margins. For instance, in August 2015 we supplied 15 million LED lamps to our key customer Philips Lighting India Limited, who had been awarded contracts for manufacture and supply of LED lamps by a Government entity.

Because of our cost-effective solutions, we are able to offer prices which are competitive to similar products imported from China in some of our product verticals.

We attribute our ability to deliver quality products because of our control on manufacturing processes, robust engineering and quality assurance systems. The quality control team is tasked with thorough pre-manufacturing checks and balances. This prevents or, where necessary, uncovers defects which ensures that time and resources are not wasted in the production of defective products. Most of our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 certified in accordance with international quality standards.

Continue to strive for cost leadership

We intend to continue to be the most cost-efficient player in each of the product verticals we will enter. This cost leadership will be achieved through initiatives like having large manufacturing capacities, backward integration and being a sizeable player in the industry in that particular vertical .Economies of scale will also enable us to continuously improve our operational efficiencies. One of the strategies we have adopted in the past is flexibility in manufacturing lines for different product verticals thereby giving us higher utilisation levels despite lower capital investments. We will continue with this strategy of flexible manufacturing and deploying minimum working capital which will also help us in attaining cost leadership.