Reverse Logistics

We commenced our reverse logistics operations in 2008 with repair services for set top boxes.

The range of services offered by us in the reverse logistics vertical include-

Repair and refurbishment Repair
Set top boxes Mobile phones LCD and LED TVs LED panel Home theatres (2.1 channel and 4.1 channel) Computer peripherals and other devices such as printers, CCTVs and speakers

We also undertake spare part management services for a mobile phone brand in India.

We carry out our reverse logistics services at our Noida III Facility and we have 3 service centres in major cities in India.

The principal raw materials used in repair and refurbishment include open cell, backlight units, electronic components including microprocessors, ICs, COFs, touch panels, OCA glue, mechanical, plastic parts and other consumables like paint and thinner.

We have a dedicated technology department to analyse the circuits in different product categories and prepare the technical guidelines of fault finding and solutions .This department is also responsible for training the professionals engaged by us for carrying out repair and refurbishment.

Our strategy in the reverse logistics vertical is to diversify into new product categories within IT peripherals. We have recently started repair of CCTVs. We also plan to expand our geographical footprint by setting up new centres across cities in India and acquire new customer.