Home Appliances

We started manufacturing of washing machines in February 2010 through our subsidiary at the time, DAPL.

The home appliances currently manufactured by us include semi-automatic washing machine ranging from 6.2 kg to 8.5 kg.

The principal raw materials and components we use in the manufacture of washing machines are mechanical and electrical items such as gears, timers and motors which are imported primarily from China.

Over the years, we have acquired in-house capabilities for designing the complete range of washing machines manufactured by us. Our capabilities in washing machines designing include development of new design concepts with additional features like magic filter, water fall, side scrubber and air dry. We also undertake in-house early life test of parts as well as complete washing machines, water leakage testing and noise testing.

As per the Frost & Sullivan Report, semi-automatic washing machine is the most dominant category in India with a market share of 39% followed by top-load fully automatic washing machines with 34%, in terms of value as of FY 2016. Fully automatic washing machines, especially top-load fully automatic washing machines, are expected to exhibit rapid adoption in the near future due to the increasing affordability of these machines, increasing consumption expenditure, easy financing options, and aspirational buying behavior by families with relatively greater income.

Our strategy in the home appliances vertical is to further expand our product basket in semi-automatic category by introducing models in various capacities and with different features, introduction of top loading fully-automatic models, expansion of customer base by acquiring new customers, deepening of relationships with existing customers, expand our geographical footprint and manufacturing capacity by way of the proposed facility in Tirupati for servicing market in South India and commence export of washing machines.