Consumer Electronics

We commenced our operations in 1993 with the assembly and export of colour televisions. With changes in technology over the years and introduction of new products in the industry, we also manufactured video cassette recorders, DVD players, set top boxes, LCD televisions, home theatres and LED televisions for various customers including some brands in the consumer electronics industry.

The range of consumer electronic products currently manufactured by us include:

LED TVs Home Theaters
19” to 65” 2.1 channel
4K2K 4.1 channel

We have recently acquired in-house capabilities for designing LED TVs from 24” to 50” which has led to our emergence as an ODM in this product segment. Our capabilities in LED TV designing include panel designing, main electronic board designing, mechanical and acoustics.

As per the Frost & Sullivan report, the television industry witnessed massive technological changes in the last ten years with the introduction of panel TVs that resulted in the phasing out of CRT TVs. The year 2012 signified the surpassing of FPD TV sales over CRT TV and by 2013, certain players reduced the number of LCD models to increase focus in LED TVs. By 2014, these players exited the production of LCD TVs. The industry witnessed a shift from adoption of LCD TVs to LED TVs which is currently the dominant one. The miniscule market for LCD TVs is largely catered by the older models of the major players and other small players. Although the initial transition from CRT TV to LCD TV was rapid, LED TV adoption overtook LCD TV market owing to narrow price differences, better viewing experience and lower power consumption features.

Our strategy in the consumer electronics vertical is to further strengthen relationships with our existing customers, migrate towards ODM model, focus on enhancement of design capabilities and develop a large range of product portfolio, like smart TVs, ultra-high definition, commercial display and signage display, invest in new tools such as backlight unit, expand our geographical footprint and manufacturing capacity by way of the proposed facility in Tirupati for servicing markets in South India.