CSR Activities

The CSR Report for Magic Bus India Foundation.

The Dixon funded Magic Bus activities aimed to empower 270 beneficiaries belonging to various communities of North West Delhi – by augmenting their holistic development using a community based Sports for Development (S4D) approach. The approach focussed upon key domains, namely, gender, education, health and nutrition and socio-emotional learning–was aimed at facilitating behaviour change among children. The program implemented through a strategically designed activity based curriculum was intended to engage with underprivileged children in the age group of 8 to 14 years, to equip them with knowledge, skills and development opportunities. By doing so Magic Bus intends to support children evolve into confident and competent members of the society, and thus empower them to choose a livelihood option of their choice, thereby giving them a fair chance of moving out of the poverty trap.

Project Location:Bawana JJ camp, Bakkarwala and Haiderpur.

Key highlights:

  • A total of 270 children were identified as beneficiaries for Magic Bus sessions.
  • 11 CYLs were identified from target locations. Subsequently, Community Youth Leaders (CYL) basic training followed by monthly refresher trainings were conducted as per the Magic Bus curriculum to ensure effective program delivery.
  • In order to conduct community sessions with children, safe playgrounds were identified with the help of local community members.
  • For smooth implementation of the program, CYLs were equipped with one sports kit and Magic Bus uniform each.
  • 37 children participated in a football tournament organised in Khajoori on 27th July, 2016.
  • CYL refresher training was conducted in the month of July and September 2016 in Bakkarwala, North Delhi.
  • Door to door mobilization to create awareness about Magic Bus session among larger community was undertaken. Parents understood the significance of education and improved learning
  • 2 stakeholder meetings were conducted with youth and other community members to seek community acceptance for implementing the program.


  1. The household economic status forces children and youth to take up work from a very young age, thus keeping them away from education
  2. Child labour, rag-picking, engagement in household chores etc. act as barriers in attending Magic Bus sessions
Football tournament in Khajoori
Basic training, Bakkarwala
CYL refresher training, Bawana and Haiderpur

Dixon is taking responsibility and helping young smiles achieve their dreams in life.


Priya a student of class student 12th has big plans and dreams to fulfill. She is happy that she is able to continue her studies now, which she could not do so earlier, because of financial crunch. The financial constraint should not come between priya and her dreams. So DIXON has taken up the responsibility to turn her dreams into reality in collaboration with Magic bus. Just like Priya Dixon is also helping other kids to achieve their dreams.