Plastic Injection Moulding

As part of our EMS solutions, we also manufacture plastic components and finished products for customers in the Automotive, Appliances and Electronics industries.

Dixon Technologies India (Pvt) Ltd works with all types of high reliability plastics to manufacture a large portfolio of custom-made, high quality & close tolerance plastic parts. Dixon uses computer-controlled injection-moulding machines, programmed with fast-cycle moulding capabilities and dimensional tolerances to achieve the desired output necessary for the highest part-to-part reproducibility. Our injection moulding capacity includes 2-shot, 3-shot, as well as insert- and gas-assisted injection equipment.

Dixon helps the client in the selection of appropriate materials and processes to meet the most difficult design requirements in their products, however complex these may be. Once your part is finalized for production, Dixon uses its 27 moulding machines ready to produce your parts in a very timely and cost effective manner. The capacity of the machines range from 80 to 2200 ton.

Whatever be either your requirements – large or small, complex or simple – at Dixon we have has the necessary resources to meet them.

In addition to the complete range of plastic injection moulding services, Dixon also provides manufacturing services that cover:

  • Product Design Support
  • Mould Design and Fabrication
  • Moulding of Engineering Plastics
    • 2-Color Moulding
    • Stack Moulding
    • Fully Automated Insert Moulding
    • Clean-Room Moulding
  • Secondary and Finishing Operations
  • Mechanical and Electronics Sub-Assembly
  • Material Management
    • Supply chain management
    • B2B services